For almost 20 years, Barr Group expert witnesses have been called upon and trusted to testify in product liability, intellectual property, patent infringement, software copyright, trade secrets, and other electronics and software litigation and legal disputes.   Founded by internationally-known experts in the design of safe and secure embedded systems, Barr Group's mission is help engineers develop technically sound products and improve the overall reliability and security of all electronic systems and software applications.

Each Barr Group expert witness is pre-vetted to ensure that he or she is not only a technical expert in their field, but also an expert communicator. As an independent provider of world-class product engineering, engineering consulting, and firmware training for the electronics and software industries, Barr Group's expert witnesses have consulted with and trained thousands of electronics and software engineers in the best practices for designing safer, more secure electronic devices.  Barr Group experts have assisted in electronics and software litigation cases ranging from individual copyright infringement cases to large class-action lawsuits that have resulted in billions of dollars in settlement compensation. 

Barr Group’s expert witnesses provide technical consulting and testifying expert witness services for product liability, patent infringement, software copyright, and software trade secret litigation filed with the United States District Court, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), International Trade Commission (ITC), and other courts across the United States and Canada.

Barr Group Executives

Andrew Girson, Chief Executive Officer

Andrew GirsonBarr Group co-founder and CEO Andrew Girson has over twenty years of experience in the embedded systems industry, in software engineering and corporate leadership roles. Girson has served as CEO, CTO, and VP of Sales and Marketing at multiple companies, concentrating on financial growth while maintaining a distinctly technical focus on high-quality embedded, wireless, and mobile systems. He has consulted with a variety of organizations in the areas of strategic marketing and sales, intellectual property evaluation and protection, product development, and financial management.

Girson is the author of dozens of printed articles and conference presentations and has served on the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards for several organizations. Girson holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Virginia.

Michael Barr, Chief Technical Officer

Michael BarrBarr Group co-founder and CTO Michael Barr is a former adjunct professor of electrical and computer engineering with over a decade of software design and implementation experience. Internationally recognized as an expert in the field of embedded software process and architecture, Barr has been admitted as a testifying expert witness in U.S. and Canadian court cases involving issues of reverse engineering (including DMCA), interception of encrypted signals (Federal Communications Act), patent infringement, theft of copyrighted source code (including trade secrets issues), and product liability.

Barr is also the author of three books and more than sixty articles and papers on embedded systems. For three and a half years Barr served as editor-in-chief of Embedded Systems Programming magazine. In addition, Barr is a member of the advisory board and a track chair for the Embedded Systems Conference. Software he wrote continues to power millions of products. Barr holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering and has lectured in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland, from which he also earned an MBA.

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