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Software Copyright and Patent Infringement Expert Witness Services include:

  • Reverse engineering of software
  • Review and analysis of software source code
  • Analysis of object code and binary executables
  • Writing of expert reports
  • Expert testimony for bench/jury trials and depositions

From software reverse engineering to deposition and trial testimony, Barr Group's software expert witness team has provided consulting, analysis, and testifying witness services for software patent infringement cases across many different industries.  Our team of internationally-recognized engineers are experts in the fields of software development processes and software architectures, including for safety and security for electronic products.  Barr Group has provided expert witness support in regard to patents in industries including but not limited to telecommunications, consumer electronics, automotive systems, and gaming technology. 

Case Portfolio

CCP Systems v. Samsung
Client: Defense
Allegation: Software Copyright Infringement
Positions: Non-Infringement
Technology: Multi-Function Office Printers
Services: Software Code Review, Expert Reports, Deposition Testimony, Hearing Testimony

Motorola Mobility v. Microsoft
Client: Plaintiff (in defense of counterclaims)
Allegation: Patent Infringement
Positions: Patent Invalidity and Non-Infringement
Technology: Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
Services: Expert Report, Deposition Testimony

SmartPhone Technologies v. RIM, Apple, LG and AT&T
SmartPhone Technologies v. ZTE

Client: Plaintiff
Allegation: Patent Infringement
Positions: Patent Validity and Infringement
Technology: Smartphones
Service(s): Software Source Code Review, Device Testing and Analysis, Expert Reports, Deposition Testimony

TiVo v. Cisco and Time Warner Cable
Client: Defendants
Allegation: Patent Infringement
Positions: N/A
Technology: Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
Services: Source Source Code Review

Antonick v. Electronic Arts (EA)
Client: Plaintiff
Allegation: Software Copyright Infringement
Positions: Copyright Infringement
Technology: Video Games
Services: Software Source Code Review, Expert Reports, Deposition Testimony, Trial Testimony

Bally Gaming v. IGT
Client: Plaintiff
Allegation: Software Patent Infringement
Positions: Patent Infringement
Technology: Slot Machines
Services: Software Source Code Review, Expert Reports, Deposition Testimony

Software Expert Witness Teams

Barr Group's expert witness teams are assembled based on the individual needs of the case. We can provide a single consulting or testifying expert or a team with a testifying expert witness at the head to provide services for large software source code discovery projects through to trial testimony. 

Multi-person software review teams are comprised of experienced software engineers experienced with similarly designed types of products and/or the industry affected by the product in question.  Expert reports and testimony resulting from reverse engineering and code reviews are provided by the expert witness lead or leads.