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The following abbreviations and acronyms are accepted for use in source code without local explanation.

Abbreviation Meaning
adc analog-to-digital converter
avg average
b_ Boolean
buf buffer
cfg configuration
curr current (item in a list)
dac digital-to-analog converter
err error
g_ global
gpio general-purpose I/O pins
h_ handle (to)
init initialize
io input/output
isr interrupt service routine
lcd liquid crystal display
led light-emitting diode
max maximum
mbox mailbox
mgr manager
min minimum
msec millisecond16
msg message
next next (item in a list)
nsec nanosecond
num number (of)
p_ pointer (to)
pp_ pointer to a pointer (to)
prev previous (item in a list)
prio priority
pwm pulse width modulation
q queue
reg register
rx receive
sem semaphore
str string (null terminated)
sync synchronize
temp temperature
tmp temporary
tx transmit
usec microsecond


[16] Note that second(s) shall not be abbreviated, nor minute, hour, day, week, month, or year. Among other things, this rule eliminates conflict between minute and minimum (for “min”).

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