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The following C coding rules relate to the use of structures and unions in embedded software:

Rule 5.5.a.) Appropriate care shall be taken to prevent the compiler from inserting padding bytes within struct or union types used to communicate to or from a peripheral or over a bus or network to another processor.

Rule 5.5.b.) Appropriate care shall be taken to prevent the compiler from altering the intended order of the bits within bit-fields. (Note: Options include static assertions or other compile-time checks as well as the use of preprocessor directives to select one of two competing struct definitions.)


There is a tremendous amount of implementation-defined behavior in the area of structures and unions. Bit-fields, in particular, suffer from severe portability problems, including the lack of a standard bit ordering and no official support for the fixed-width integer types they so often call out to be used with.




These rules shall be enforced during code reviews.

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