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Embedded Linux Training in a Box

The Embedded Linux Training in a Box is a self-paced programming course that helps you develop and strengthen your embedded Linux programming skills.  Based on Barr Group's Embedded Linux Customization and Driver Development course, this easy-to-follow kit includes hands-on programming exercises on real hardware that will help you develop your own Linux driver code in the comfort of your own home or office. 

 Topics covered in this kit include:

  • Introduction to Embedded Linux
    • Linux Kernel Architecture
    • Linux Bootloader Configuration And Customization
    • Linux Kernel Configuration And Customization
    • Creating A Linux Root Filesystem Using BusyBox 
  • Linux Device Drivers
    • Loadable Kernel Modules
    • Linux Device Model
    • Linux Bus Devices
    • Linux Class Devices
    • Accessing Hardware Using MMIO
    • Kernel Interrupts, Multithreading, and Synchronization

You will start improving your skills immediately by reading the Embedded Linux Field Manual, which is available only in this kit. As you continue through the program, you will gain additional experience through a series of hands-on programming exercises on the included TI AM335x hardware. Along the way you'll also have the opportunity to dig deeper on any topic by reading one of the three e-books or dozens of related technical articles that are provided to complete your learning.

What's Inside the Box

Your Embedded Linux Training in a Box includes:

A development board with the following hardware features:

  • 1 Texas Instruments AM335X Starter Kit development board with power supply and cable
  • 1 blank 4 GB microSD card
  • 1 SD/microSD/MMC Card Reader/Writer
  • 1 Ethernet cable
  • 1 8GB USB thumb drive containing digital copies of the following:
    • Exercise Manual which will lead you through all of the course exercises
    • Embedded Linux Field Manual containing slide presentations from the boot camp
    • An Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine in case you aren't able to set up a native Linux workstation
    • Source code starting points for the exercises and solutions
    • Datasheets and User's Manuals for all of the hardware and tools
    • Three books about embedded programming by Michael Barr and other authors
    • Dozens of articles for in-depth "further reading" on advanced embedded software topics

This training kit is appropriate for:

  • Embedded software developers learning to write drivers for Linux (or Android)
  • Embedded software developers responsible for porting Linux to custom hardware

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Effective, December 31, 2019, this product is no longer for sale.

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