Course Overview

Course Length: 
2 Days

The development of security-hardened embedded systems is a challenge. Vulnerabilities in products ranging from medical devices to industrial control systems and automobiles are being exploited by attackers. However, these systems can be (re)secured by following a variety of best practices.

This in-depth two-day training gives you the skills to harden your embedded system to prevent vulnerabilities and detect the most popular types of attacks.  

Topics covered during this course include:

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems Security
  • Threat Assessment
  • Protecting Data at Rest
  • Protecting Data in Motion
  • Defenses in Software

This course is appropriate for:

  • Embedded systems designers
  • Technical managers

Prerequisites:  Attendees should have prior experience in the design of one or more embedded systems.

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The following is a summary of the major course topics and should not be considered the section-by-subsection lecture breakdown.


  • A Brief History of Embedded Systems Attacks
  • Uniquely Embedded Concerns
  • Reliability as Security
  • Weakest Link Principle
  • Proper Role of Obscurity
  • Sources of Entropy

Threat Assessment

  • Attackers and Assets
  • Attack Surface
  • Attack Trees
  • Security Policy

Protecting Data at Rest

  • Introduction
  • Block Ciphers
  • Cipher Modes
  • Hashes
  • Message Authentication Codes

Protecting Data in Motion

  • Public-Key Cryptography
  • Secure Protocols
  • Other Considerations

Defenses in Software

  • Common Firmware Vulnerabilities
  • Defensive Software Architectures
  • Defensive Hardware Interfacing

Wrap-up and Discussion

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