Hands-on Training Targets Security Challenges in Embedded Devices

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND–January 8, 2013–Barr Group today announced the Embedded Security Boot Camp, the newest entry in its respected "Boot Camp" series of embedded systems training courses. The first offering of this new course will be in California on May 6-10, 2013.

Like the Embedded Software Boot Camp, the "Embedded Security Boot Camp" is a rigorous week-long training curriculum with both lectures and hands-on exercises. At this course, attendees learn how to properly incorporate secure hardware and software solutions into embedded devices. Important topics covered in the course include performing security assessments on embedded devices, retrofitting security solutions onto existing devices, and managing security in disposable devices and peripherals (such as consumables and limited lifetime products).

“Security is a growing problem for the entire computing market and with the proliferation of all types of interconnected devices, embedded device designers can no longer ignore it,” said Michael Barr, CTO of Barr Group. “The ‘Embedded Security Boot Camp’ training course is designed to provide engineers with key skills in understanding security and implementing secure solutions that consider the unique design challenges associated with embedded devices.”

Registration is now open for this and other upcoming public training courses for embedded software developers.