Course Overview

Course Length: 
1 Day

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Embedded systems are everywhere these days: from implantable medical devices to self-driving cars. The risks of human injury are also multiplying as more embedded systems connect to the Internet and become open to hacking as well as malfunction.

There are design techniques that can be applied to develop safer and more reliable embedded systems. As we consult with companies in a range of industries, we are continually surprised that such techniques--including the 10 techniques you will be exposed to in this course--are not more widely known and practiced.

In this important 1-day course, we will focus on minimizing the risk of injury or loss by firmware malfunction though a combination of lightweight, demonstrably-valuable design techniques.

Key Takeaways

Everyone who attends will learn why and how to apply 10 practical, lightweight techniques for designing safer and more reliable embedded systems.

This course is appropriate for:

  • Embedded software developers
  • Embedded systems architects
  • Technical managers
  • Company executives

Prerequisites:  Attendees should be generally familiar with the terminology of embedded software or have first-hand experience doing embedded systems design.


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