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Course Length: 
2 Days

It is said that the creator of the Java programming language envisioned embedded systems as the target application. Certainly, Java’s built-in thread awareness, prevention of memory leaks, and security model are attractive features for the designers of real-time systems. Unfortunately, the standard Java virtual machines are extremely large and non-deterministic. This course demonstrates that, with the correct JVM, real-time Java programming is possible and powerful. Among other things, students will learn how to tune a garbage collector and develop multithreaded programs in Java.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Java Threads
  • Preemptive Scheduling
  • Garbage Collection
  • Real-Tim Garbage Collection
  • Concurrent Programming
  • Design Patterns

This course is appropriate for:

  • Embedded programmers contemplating or using Java
  • Engineering managers responsible for language choice

Prerequisites:  Attendees should have a basic familiarity with the syntax of the Java programming language.

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The following is a summary of the major course topics and are not the section-by-subsection lecture breakdown.


  • Real-Time Systems
  • Real-Time Java

Java Threads

  • Thread Creation
  • Thread States
  • Priorities
  • Timers and TimerTasks

Preemptive Scheduling

  • Preemption
  • Rate Monotonic Algorithm
  • Schedulable Bound
  • Aperiodic Tasks
  • Priority Inversion

Garbage Collection

  • Heap Terminology
  • Reference Counting
  • Mark and Sweep

Real-Time Garbage Collection

  • Real-Time Issues
  • Defragmentation
  • Efficiency
  • Preemptibility
  • Collector Pacing

Concurrent Programming

  • The Big Picture
  • Mutual Exclusion
  • Memory Visibility
  • Thread-Safe Classes
  • Waiting and Signaling
  • Safety and Liveness

Design Patterns

  • Active Objects
  • Message Queueing
  • Guarded Call
  • Thread Barrier
  • Rendezvous
  • Observer

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