Course Overview

Course Length: 
1-3 days (hands-on)

The legacy code workshop is designed to help your team take TDD from the classroom back to the office quickly. The workshop is designed to be an add-on to our course Test-Driven Development for Embedded C Programmers, but can be completed as a stand-alone course.


  • Embedded software developers
  • Technical leaders and managers

Course Format

You choose some existing legacy function to call (or class to instantiate) and we will then through the "get your legacy code under test" recipe.

Our instructor will act as your mentor/coach, guiding you through the recipe.

As lessons are learned, attendees work together in teams to share knowledge and discoveries.


Attendees should be experienced in the C programming language, at least somewhat familiar with embedded software development, and have at least taken a course or read a book on TDD.

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