For Training Course Attendees Only

Complimentary Private Technical Consults with a Barr Group Expert

Do you or your team have a project-specific question that you would like to discuss with an expert?  If so, attendees of select training courses are eligible for a complimentary 30-minute private consult with a member of our expert technical team to discuss issues faced by you and your design team. 

These technical consultations provide an opportunity for attendees to confidentially discuss details of their project with Barr Group engineers and ask project-specific questions that may not be of interest to the class or appropriate to discuss in a classroom setting. Discussions may range from high-level software/hardware architecture questions to the best way to implement a specific Android device driver to the most cost-effective ways to detect software intrusion or implement public key encryption... and any other project-related technical questions that you have.

Courses currently offering complimentary consults include:

Conferences will be scheduled for Friday, the day immediately following the conclusion of each course. For more information or to schedule a conference, please contact

Meetings are limited to one 30 minute session per company/group.  In the event that you or your team are unable to attend a Friday meeting, alternate meeting dates can be arranged.  If you believe a non-disclosure agreement is necessary to discuss your sensitive project, please let us know and arrangements can be made prior to the consult.