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Firmware Update v18.05

"Any fool can write code a computer can understand.  Good programmers write code humans can understand." - Martin Fowler

In this issue:

  • Killer Apps: Embedded Software's Greatest Hit Jobs
  • Retake Control of your Embedded Project Schedule
  • Better Trained Teams Finish Projects Faster!
  • An Advanced Summary of Pointers in C
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

Firmware Update v18.04

In this issue:

  • Reducing Security Threats to Embedded Systems
  • Is Google's new Android Things a Fit for your Next Design?
  • Modern Firmware Architecture: Beyond the RTOS
  • Changes Coming to the Embedded C Coding Standard
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

Firmware Update v18.03

In this issue:

  • C: The Immortal Programming Language
  • The Internet of INSECURE Things
  • How to Comply with the MISRA-C/C++ Guidelines
  • The State of Embedded Systems Safety
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

Firmware Update v 18.02

In this issue:

  • Is it a Bug or an Error?
  • Free and Customizable "Error"-Killing C Coding Standard
  • Better Trained Teams Produce Code with Fewer "Errors"
  • Modern Embedded Programming: Beyond the RTOS
  • How to Comply with MISRA-C's Guidelines
  • Industry News That's Not Boring


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