From automobiles and medical devices to power tools and industrial automation devices, product safety is a primary concern for users.  To help manufacturers of safety-critical products develop the safest products possible, Barr Group's team of mechanical, electrical,software engineers, and computer security experts help clients utilize the industry's best practices in embedded hardware and software design.  Members of the Barr Group engineering team has many decades of experience and expertise in the automotive electronics, medical devices, industrial automation, IoT, telecommunications, and other edge device development, along with a formidable number of publications and patents.

Services provided by Barr Group's safety and reliability team include, but are not limited to:

  • Embedded System Safety Assessment
  • Embedded System Security Assessment
  • Embedded System Security Penetration Testing
  • Embedded Product Design Reviews
  • Source Code Reviews
  • System Architecture Refinement and Software-Hardware Partitioning
  • Software Development Process Review, Improvement, and Mentoring
  • Coding Standard Compliance
  • System Testing, Verification, and Validation

Case Studies

  • Nipro Diabetes System Insulin Pump 
    Service:  Design Review, Engineering Consulting
    Barr Group consulted with Nipro's experienced staff engineers and contract electronics designers and proposed a simpler, radically different approach to the high-level software architecture based on state machines.  Read more