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From source code discovery through trial testimony, Barr Group's patent and litigation team provide comprehensive and thorough examination services for hardware and software patent, copyright, and trade-secret related litigation cases.  Teams are staffed depending on the needs of the case. Barr Group's patent and copyright teams are made up of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering experts.

Services include:

  • Source Code Discovery Planning
  • Software Source Code Analysis
  • Forensic Testing and Analysis
  • Expert Reports
  • Expert Testimony for Depositions, Hearings, and Trials

Case Studies

Patent and Copyright Expert Witness Services

  • CCP Systems v. Samsung
    Printer Software Copyright Infringement 
    Services Provided:  Software Code Review, Expert Reports, Bench Trial and Deposition Testimony

  • SmartPhone Technologies v. RIM, Apple, LG and AT&T
    SmartPhone Technologies v. ZTE

    Smartphone Patent Infringement
    Services Provided:  Forensic Testing and Analysis, Expert Reports, Deposition Testimony

  • Antonick v. Electronic Arts
    Video Game Software Copyright Infringement, Trade secrets
    Services Provided:  Software Code Review, Deposition and Jury Testimony


Representative Experts

The following Barr Group engineering staff are key members of our Patent & Copyright practice group with a range of technical skills that is representative of the overall team.

Chief Technical Officer
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer