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Barr Group's engineers are experienced in the design of electronics and embedded software for medical devices. From glucose monitoring devices to implantable pacemakers and defibrillators, Barr Group has seen it all. Our engineers are already familiar with the FDA 510(k) process and its guidelines for use of software in medical devices as well as other medical-industry safety and process standards. And Barr Group is here to help complete your medical device project on-time and with the appropriate level of safety and security

Representative Experts

The following Barr Group engineering staff are key members of our Medical Device Design practice group with a range of technical skills that is representative of the overall team.

Chief Technical Officer
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer

Barr Group's medical device design group includes mechanical, electrical, and software engineers as well as experts capable of reverse engineering and performing post hoc failure analysis.

Representative Projects


  • Barr Group engineers have been directly involved in the design of numerous safety-critical medical devices, including breast biopsy machines, radiotherapy equipment, handheld glucose monitors, implantable e-stimulators, and insulin pumps.
  • One of the largest companies in the medical device industry hired Barr Group to train the designers of its implantable pacemaker and defibrillator products and to assist in the definition of a new embedded software architecture for its next generation devices.
  • One of Barr Group's experts was a testifying witness on behalf of a defendant medical device maker in regards to the quality of its software source code and overall product safety.
  • Barr Group regularly consults with companies in a variety of industries, including medical devices, to ensure that the best practices for software development are in place.