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Barr Group's engineers are experienced in the design of electronics and embedded software for automotive systems. From informatics to engine control and other ECUs, Barr Group has seen it all. Our engineers are already familiar with ISO26262, MISRA, and other automotive-industry safety and process standards. And Barr Group is here to help complete your automotive project on-time and with the appropriate level of safety and security.

Representative Experts

The following Barr Group engineering staff are key members of our Automotive Electronics practice group with a range of technical skills that is representative of the overall team.

Chief Technical Officer
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer

Barr Group's automotive practice group includes mechanical, electrical, and software engineers as well as experts capable of extracting crash data from black-box EDRs and testing vehicles in laboratory settings, including dynamometers.

Representative Projects

The following project summaries reflect the range of capabilities of the group:

  • A Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry hired Barr Group to train its engineers in the use of the Android operating system in center-console touch-screen display systems.
  • Working for another Tier 1 supplier, a member of the Barr Group automotive practice group was an architect of the successful and widely used Passenger Occupancy Detection System that disables airbags upon detection of lower-weight front-seat passengers.
  • A team from Barr Group was hired by plaintiffs' attorneys in the Toyota unintended acceleration litigation. Building upon the work of NASA, the Barr Group team dug deeper into Toyota's engine source code and identified a number of safety flaws. Our CTO Michael Barr testified in Bookout vs. Toyota at which an Oklahoma jury concluded software defects were to blame for a fatal single-car crash and following which Toyota undertook to settle more than 400 similar cases.
  • A member of the Barr Group staff has been retained for nearly a decade by a major supplier of bus-tracking and automation equipment used by various municipalities around the world. From time-to-time this sleuth is sent "on the road" to debug their most challenging multi-system interactions in the field.