Through the years, Barr Group's clients have had many wonderful things to say about the quality of our work. This page captures some of the more memorable feedback we've heard.

Praise for Barr Group's Embedded Software Training Courses

  • "I rarely give out a perfect score but this class was perfect!"
  • "A great class... the info was well paced and well structured."
  • "This was exactly what I needed to move from pure applications to embedded."
  • "Great course! Every topic well explained."
  • "Great information from trusted impartial source."
  • "Excellent. A nice blend of theory, experience, and how-to. Damn nice presentation."
  • "The best presentation I attended at the whole [Embedded Systems] Conference."
  • "This course was very informative... Well done."
  • "I was pleasantly surprised that the course was useful to me, even though I've been using [the] uC/OS-II [real-time operating system] for over a year. I came away feeling I got a good, even handed overview and a set of 'best practices' I could trust."
  • "This was the best training I ever attended."

Praise for Barr Group's Embedded Systems Consulting Services

  • "The Barr Group team is very straightforward and to the point, in addition to knowledgable and innovative."
  • "Outside the box thinking to come up with innovative ideas when challenges arise."
  • "[Barr Group consultant] is an excellent engineer. Good out of the box thinker."
  • "Barr Group's engineers did very good work on some tough issues."
  • "Barr Group's outside design perspective was key to our project's success."
  • "Barr Group's engineers are experts in their fields. A top notch group."

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