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Course Length: 
1 Day

Designing hardware for embedded systems can be a real challenge. Computing capacity, electrical power, and memory are always in limited supply. Learn how to best configure hardware. Learn how software architecture can help get the most out of the hardware.

In this course, you will learn some of the best tips, tricks, and practices to optimize all of the available resources.


  • Engineers with no prior embedded hardware experience
  • Embedded system designers seeking to lower power consumption


The following outline is provided as a summary of the major course topics and should not be taken as literally the section-by-subsection lecture breakdown.

  • Introduction
    • What is "low power"?
    • Benefits and Enemies of LPD (Low Power Design)
  • System Engineering
    • Power in sleep mode vs. run mode
    • Modeling the system
    • Current budget & runtime requirements
    • HW / SW partitioning
    • Voltage, current and clock speed
    • Fault management
    • Human engineering
  • Hardware Engineering
    • Battery technologies
    • Power Supply types and efficiency
    • Analog Circuitry - parasitic losses and other issues
    • Programmable Logic
    • DSP vs. general purpose MCU
    • Memory type comparison
    • User interface (buttons, displays, LEDs, audible alerts)
    • Board design & layout
  • Firmware
    • Firmware architecture
    • CPU sleep modes
    • Tips and Tricks
    • Pin multiplexing
    • CPU clock management
    • Sub-system power management
    • Battery monitoring & management
  • Wrap up
    • Trade-offs - performance/features/power
    • Future / emerging technologies


Attendees should arrive with a working knowledge of digital and analog circuits.

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