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James Grenning trains, coaches and consults worldwide. With more than thirty years of software development experience in general (and embedded software in particular)--both technical and managerial--James brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and creativity to software development teams and their management.

James is an experienced coach and mentor in Agile methods and eXtreme Programming and the world's foremost expert on the use of test-driven development (TDD) in embedded systems. He has designed embedded applications for weather radar display, FAA control tower displays, distributed automatic testing systems, voice response systems, high-speed cut-sheet printing and communications systems. But, there is more to James than embedded software.

Through his career he has worked in many domains and technologies, which positions him well to bring the knowledge and experience of mainstream software developers back to his roots in the embedded systems community. He has been training, coaching, and consulting since the mid-90s.

Notable Projects

  • A key contributors to the "CppUTest" open source unit test framework for C and C++.
  • Regular speaker at the Embedded Systems Conferences and Agile Development Conferences around the world.
  • Original author of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.
  • Inventor of the "Planning Poker" technique of project estimation for Agile.
  • Worked on the design of the first weather display system for the FAA, which was based on custom hardware and limited to just 16K of ROM.

Notable Publications