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Barr Group’s engineers are recognized internationally as being among the most trusted and recognized experts in the fields of electronics design, software design, and computer security. Members of our forensic analysis and expert witness team have served as testifying experts in numerous high-profile product liability and intellectual property cases before multiple U.S. District Courts, at the International Trade Commission, at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and in other U.S. and international courts. Our specialty is in analyzing complex products comprising electronics and software, such as those found in automobiles, trains and other forms of transportation, medical devices, smartphones, and consumer electronics.

Cases for which Barr Group engineers have served as expert witnesses include the Toyota Unintended Acceleration Litigation and the DirecTV Anti-Piracy Litigation.  See a sample list of cases supported by Barr Group.

Barr Group’s team of electronics and software expert witnesses are authorities in technologies from the following industries: 

Our team also includes experts in patent & copyright, product reliability, safety & reliability, process & architecture, computer security, and more.  See the complete list of Barr Group's Areas of Expertise. 

Expert services provided by Barr Group include:

Electronic Hardware and Software Forensics

  • Electronics Reverse Engineering
  • Software Reverse Engineering
  • Embedded Software Source Code Review

Software Expert Witness & Consulting

  • Industry Best Practices for Development Process and Architecture for Safety & Security
  • Patent Infringement
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright Theft and Misappropriation
  • Product Liability
  • All other technical legal disputes

Barr Group's engineers are the authors of several industry-related books and hundreds of technical articles.

If you suspect embedded systems are involved in your case, contact us to see how we can help.