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Embedded Systems Consulting Services

Barr Group provides embedded software and electronics design assistance to the medical devices, industrial controls, Internet of Things (IoT), consumer electronics, telecom, mobile devices, and automotive industries.  To help companies produce the most robust products possible, Barr Group’s team of engineers utilize the best in industry design practices, techniques and tools to help clients shorten their projects’ time-to-market while increasing product safety and security.

Engineers at Barr Group are leading experts at fine tuning system/software architectures and development processes to help clients develop the safest and most secure embedded systems possible.  To date, Barr Group has helped thousands of engineers around the world develop safer and more secure devices using proven best practices and tools. Programming services are available in C, C++, and assembly and targeting real-time operating systems (RTOSes), embedded Linux, Android, and bare metal.

Embedded Systems Design Services

Barr Group's engineers can help your team meet project deadlines in many valuable ways, including:

  • System architecture and software-hardware partitioning
  • Configuration of software development tools
  • Software design, coding, and testing
  • FPGA design, coding, and testing
  • PCB design, layout, and testing
  • Third-party design reviews / code reviews

Safety and Security Consulting Services

When it comes to raising the safety and security of their embedded systems, companies worldwide come to Barr Group for services such as:

  • Independent safety assessment
  • Independent security assessment
  • System architecture review and improvement
  • Software process review, improvement, and coaching
  • Security penetration testing
  • MISRA C migration & compliance support

Barr Group can provide additional technical consulting services upon request.

Independent Technical Advice

Barr Group’s recommendations of architectures, processes, and tools are completely unbiased. As an independently owned and operated engineering services firm, Barr Group has no stake in the success of any brand of processor, operating system, or other product. Our engineers have experience with a wide range of tools. All advice is based solely on what is best for your engineering team or desired outcome. 

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