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Embedded Systems Consulting Services Barr Group's engineering consultants provide clients with the guidance needed to develop safer, more reliable, and more secure embedded systems for applications in the automotive, medical device, consumer electronics, industrial controls, IoT, mobile, telecommunications, and transportation industries. Led by experienced hardware and software engineers, our team of engineering consultants work with clients of all sizes to help them design the best technological solutions possible on time and on budget. 

Barr Group is proud to be an independent and unbiased provider of electronic hardware and software engineering consulting services. Our engineers are internationally known experts in the field of embedded systems and are experienced with a wide range of tools and components from vendors such as microcontrollers based on ARM and chip-makers such as Microchip, Atmel, Texas Instruments, Intel, ST Micro, NXP, Freescale, and Renesas.  All hardware and software related process, architecture, tool, and component recommendations are vendor agnostic and based solely on achieving the best technical performance for our clients.

Embedded Systems Safety & Security Consulting Services

Barr Group is a leading industry resource for embedded systems safety and security.  So, when it comes to raising the safety and security of their embedded systems, companies worldwide come to Barr Group.  Our experts help clients improve the reliability and safety of their systems through services such as:

  • Embedded System Safety Assessment
  • Embedded System Security Assessment
  • Embedded System Security Penetration Testing
  • Embedded Product Design Reviews
  • Source Code Reviews
  • System Architecture Refinement and Software-Hardware Partitioning
  • Software Development Process Review, Improvement, and Mentoring
  • Coding Standard Compliance
  • System Testing, Verification, and Validation

Additional engineering consulting services can be provided upon request.

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