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Embedded Systems Consulting Services

With proper planning, the right tools, and the right processes in place, design teams can significantly improve their development process while building safer, more secure products.  To help companies produce the strongest products possible, Barr Group provides unbiased embedded systems process and architecture guidance to engineering directors, technical managers, and their teams.  All of our consultants are highly reputable senior engineers who can help you quickly make well-informed, high-quality, time-saving decisions for your embedded systems projects.

Independent Technical Advice

Advice from Barr Group Consulting is completely unbiased. As an independently owned and operated engineering services firm, Barr Group has no stake in the success of any brand of processor, real-time operating system, compiler, debugger, or best practice. We work with a range of tools internally. All tools or techniques recommended are based solely on what is best for your engineering team or project. 

Consulting services provided by Barr Group include:

  • Software/Hardware Architecture and Partitioning

  • Critical Component Selection (e.g. processors, RTOS, tools)

  • Coding Standard Migration, Verification, and Compliance

  • Static Analysis Tool Integration and Configuration

  • Code Review Process Development

  • Design Analysis for Security and Safety

  • Copyright/Patent/IP Analysis and Review

Engagements with Barr Group can be structured as:

  • Architecture Planning/Improvement

  • Process Planning/Improvement

  • Design Audits

  • Code Reviews

  • Security Reviews

  • Project Rescues

Barr Group can provide additional technical consulting services upon request.

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