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Embedded Systems Consulting Services

Barr Group specializes in providing unbiased embedded systems process and architecture guidance to engineering directors, technical managers, and their teams. Each Barr Group consultant is a senior, experienced engineer who also communicates clearly and effectively in writing and in person.

Better Decisions

The impact of a poor front-end decision can doom a project. An independent Barr Group consultant or team can help you quickly make well-informed, high-quality, time-saving decisions about:

  • Hardware/software partitioning
  • Processor selection
  • RTOS selection
  • Development tool selection
  • Adoption of development processes (e.g., Agile/XP/TDD)

Each of these important front-end decisions can have lingering effects on the success of an embedded systems project.  As a result, every discussion with a Barr Group consultant will pay for itself many times over. 

Engagements with Barr Group can be structured as:

  • Architecture planning/improvement
  • Process planning/improvement
  • Design reviews
  • Code reviews
  • Security reviews
  • Project rescues

Independent Advice

Advice from Barr Group Consulting is unbiased. As an independently owned and operated engineering services firm, Barr Group has no stake in the success of any brand of processor, real-time operating system, compiler, debugger, or best practice. We work with a range of tools internally. You can rest assured that the tool or technique that will most benefit your engineering team or project is the only one we'll recommend.

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