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These blog posts are about development tools of relevance to embedded software designers.

How to Prevent and Detect Stack Overflow

The safety and security of every embedded system is dependent upon proper operation of the stack (or stacks, if there are multiple). If a stack overflow occurs, a major or minor malfunction is very likely to follow. Despite this, the stack in the majority of embedded systems is sized based on nothing more than a hunch. As well, run-time stack monitoring is too seldom used.

New Training from Barr Group Aims to Improve Safety-Critical Embedded Systems Design

One-Day Course Teaches Top 10 Ways to Create Safer Products

GERMANTOWN, Maryland – July 6, 2016 – Barr Group, The Embedded Systems Experts™, today announced a new one-day training course to help embedded software development teams build safer products. The new course, “Top 10 Ways to Design Safer Embedded Software,” focuses exclusively on valuable techniques that engineers should use to create more reliable product designs.

Barr Group to Host Webinar on Best Practices for Stack Management

Embedded Experts to Discuss Ways to Prevent and Detect Stack Overflow

GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND–May 31, 2016–Barr Group, The Embedded Systems Experts™, today announced that principal engineer Nigel Jones will host an upcoming free webinar about embedded systems design that will examine best practices for stack management.

Results of Barr Group's 2016 Safety & Security Survey

Barr Group's 2016 Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey had participation from more than 2,500 embedded systems design engineers and revealed a number of interesting trends in the embedded industry. In this webinar, Barr Group executives Michael Barr (CTO) and Andrew Girson (CEO) discussed some of the most interesting findings.


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