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These blog posts concern the design of GUIs and other user interface elements of embedded systems.

How to Improve Product Usability

Product usability problems require the engineer to take off his engineering hat and think more like a user.

Response Timing for User Interfaces

Proper timing in user interfaces often has more to do with the user's perception than with the actual passage of time.

Usability for Non-Graphical User Interfaces

The placement of knobs, buttons, and switches is as essential as the firmware to making a usable embedded system.

Barr Group to Host Webinar on the Pros and Cons of Google’s AndroidOS for Embedded Devices

Embedded Experts to Discuss “UI Convenience at What Cost? The Embedded Android Dilemma”

GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND – January 29, 2015– Barr Group, a global leader in the safety and security of embedded systems, announced today that CTO Michael Barr and principal engineer Nathan Tennies will host an upcoming free embedded software webinar entitled UI Convenience at What Cost? The Embedded Android Dilemma.


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