"Barr Group training courses should be required before writing any embedded code."

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Calendar of Embedded Systems Design Training

Barr Group's mission is to help as many people as possible build safer, more reliable, and more secure embedded systems. Toward that end, Barr Group provides consulting and design services as well as world-class training courses designed to strengthen critical programming and engineering skills through detailed lectures and hands-on exercises.

Date(s) Course Title Location Price*
Sep 20 Top 10 Ways to Design Safer Embedded Software Virginia $99 Closed
Sep 22 Top 10 Ways to Design Safer Embedded Software California $99 Closed
Oct 17-18 Best Practices for Securing Embedded Systems Illinois $1,199 Register>
Oct 17-18 Debugging Embedded Software on the Target Illinois $1,199 Register>
Oct 19 Top 10 Ways to Design Safer Embedded Software Illinois $99 Register>
Oct 20-21 Reliable Multithreaded Programming Illinois $999 Register>
Oct 24-27 Embedded Software Boot Camp Massachusetts $1,999 Register>
Oct 24 - 25 Reliable Multithreaded Programming Germany 1,299€ Register>
Oct 26 Top 10 Ways to Design Safer Embedded Software Germany 99€ Register>
Oct 27-28 Best Practices for Securing Embedded Systems Germany 1,499€ Register>
Nov 2-3 Test-Driven Development for Embedded C Programmers California $1,199 Register>
Nov 14-18 Embedded Android Boot Camp Maryland $2,399 Register>

* Prices will be discounted 20% for groups of 3 or more and increased 15% for late registration during the final 2 weeks. German course prices are inclusive of VAT tax.

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On-Site Training

The above is a subset of Barr Group's Catalog of Embedded Systems Design Training Courses that is currently offered in a public venue, so that any individual can attend. Seating is limited, so register early.

Teams of about five or more engineers may find it more convenient and/or cost effective to have Barr Group's skilled instructor travel to their location, so that trainees need not travel. Please Contact Us to discuss this option.

Custom Training

We can also tweak our standard courses or combine them for Custom Embedded Systems Design Training that fits the specific needs of your company's engineering staff.